Ma'ams of Handyma'am

Handyma’am is about more than creating hardworking products, it’s about celebrating hardworking women. 

Here you will find features on women we admire; women who are following their passions, bucking traditions, and looking damn good doing it. These features are just the beginning of our mission to shape a community of women from artists to artisans, farmers to fabricators, and everyone in-between. Check back, or follow along on social media for updates on new spotlights, interviews, gatherings, and more!


Risa Culbertson Creator of Papa Llama Stationery

Risa Culbertson is a San Francisco-based printmaker and the creator of Papa Llama stationary. Like many of the women in the Handy Fa’am, she never thought she would be a printmaker, the trade found her. Risa started hand carving linoleum blocks and individually hand printing cards in her “home office.” Eventually (in December of 2014) she opened The Aesthetic Union with her business partner James Tucker. James does custom letterpress and helps run The Aesthetic Union store where you can find all of their favorite paper goods, and of course Papa Llama.

“Imperfection is perfection to me and let’s all just take a moment to not be so serious all the time. Ok?”  
Risa Culbertson